I hope you all had a great weekend. I worked with some of my team to take another big step in our Company’s progress. We are starting to take pre-orders for our Mobile Generation product!

That is correct, with our partner, Breitin Capital (see the press release at: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/breitin-capital-management-boost-cool-115600653.html), we are enabling customers to place pre-orders for our MG30 (30kVA), MG55 (55kVA) and MG80 (80kVA) via Breitin.  Breitin isn’t just a sales rep, they finance purchases from a proprietary network of thousands of lenders. So be it a new truck, an existing truck or a fleet, you can put your order in now for delivery in 2016.

How is this going to work? We have ensured Breitin has a full understanding of our Mobile Generation systems and the Ford F350, F450 and F550 Chassis Cabs they’re built into (kits for installation by commercial fleets will be ready later in the year). Next, we’ll supply Breitin with an arsenal of multi-media sales materials.

We have started with Ford because of Ford’s dominant presence and market share in the US.

The first products will enable you to output 30, 55 or 80 kVA. Here are just a couple of the markets they will serve:

The Contractor Market: 30KVA is a great fit! Instead of towing the generator to the jobsite, you can power tools and other electrical devices right from your vehicle, no matter what fuel source your truck runs on: CNG, LPG, battery, solar, even fuel cell.

The neighbors will thank you , because you won’t be raising the usual small diesel engine racket. In fact, the loudest noise you’re liable to make will be from the power tools.

Disaster Relief or Emergency Backup Power Markets: Pick your power and you can serve your customer and markets better, at a lower cost.  If a flood or weather knocks electricity out to your grocery store, you can power the building from your truck. Not only can you avoid the expense of having all those refrigerated items going to waste, you can avoid the expense and maintenance costs of having a permanent back-up generator on site. 

So be one of the first to place a pre-order for Cool Technologies Mobile Power Generation.

The key takeaways:

  • MG30, MG55, MG80 ready for delivery in 2016
  • Place pre-orders via Breitin Capital
  • Pre-orders can be made for Ford F350s, F450s or F550s with your choice of MG30-MG80 kVA.
  • Kits for installation in F350s through F550s will be ready later in the year.

It’s an exciting time for our Company, its customers and shareholders.  We are bringing our technology to market in 2016!!

Talk to you soon and please don’t forget to send in your questions, inputs, or comments to feedback@cooltechnologiesinc.com.

Power UP!

Tim Hassett
Chairman & CEO
BS Physics