Cool Technologies' markets

are extensive

Our thermal dispersion technology can cool electric motors, generators and alternators as well as vehicle components. The market in which our technology has the greatest short term potential is dry pit submersibles. At least 5 different markets which offer a total of 16 other applications remain to be pursued.

A primary benefit of our thermal technology is that it enables electric motors and generators to generate more power from the same size package.

Cool Technologies will combine a thermally-enhanced motor with our proprietary gearing system to create a mobile electric power generation (MG) system powered by the vehicle’s internal combustion engine. When the generator is enhanced by our thermal technology, it should be able to output more power than any other generator of its size on the market.

The proprietary gearing system powers an on-board generator from a vehicle’s internal combustion engine. The generator can then provide up to 300 kVA of mobile electric power. The system can be retrofit onto new and existing Class 3-8 work trucks. Cool Tech’s mobile generation systems have applications for agriculture, construction, mining, utility trucks and military vehicles as well as electric vehicle charging.

Potential applications continue to expand. The two most recent rely on the MG to provide mobile infrastructure upgrades for rural areas and third world countries. An MG truck equipped with a mobile water purification/desalination system can produce and deliver clean water for villages affected by failing water systems or polluted water sources. The other application uses the MG as the centerpiece of a mobile microgrid to provide electrical power and infrastructure to small communities or businesses un or underserved by local utilities.