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Cool Technologies' markets

are extensive

Our thermal dispersion technology can cool electric motors, generators and alternators as well as vehicle components. The market in which our technology has the greatest short term potential is dry pit submersibles. At least 5 different markets which offer a total of 16 other applications remain to be pursued.

A primary benefit of our thermal technology is that it enables electric motors and generators to generate more power from the same size package.

Cool Technologies combines a thermally-enhanced motor with our parallel power platform to deliver an electric load assist or ELA to any internal combustion engine. The ELA forms the basis for our unique hybrid conversion system which has applications for all Class 3-8 trucks, buses and even off-road vehicles.

The proprietary technology integral to our parallel power platform can also be used to power an on-board generator from a vehicles internal combustion engine. The generator can then provide up to 300 kVA. The mobile auxiliary power system has applications for construction and utility trucks as well as military vehicles.

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