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Timothy Hassett

Chairman & Co-Founder

A 2nd generation mechanical engineer and physicist, the electric motor business runs in Mr. Hassett’s blood. He’s transformed companies to achieve double-digit growth as well as turned losses into profits. Working with Fortune 500, mid-sized and startup companies, he developed and commercialized new products, created and delivered go-to-market strategies, formed strategic alliances and partnerships, both domestically and internationally, as well as restructured companies to generate top and bottom line growth.

Mr. Hassett earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at Cleveland State University then added another BS in physics from Youngstown State University.

From 1996 to 2000, as a General Manager of Distribution Services in the Industrial Systems Division of General Electric, he grew the business 30% in two years while adding 10 points to the profit margin. As a result, he was assigned to turnaround GE’s Industrial Motors business unit. Mr. Hassett restructured costs through joint ventures, established strategic alliances in Latin America and Asia and developed new products culminating in top line and operating margin growth by well over 10%.

In 2000, he was recruited to become President of Hawk Motors, a division of Hawk Corporation. He restructured the rotor division to corner a segment of the motor market known as RAC and HVAC. Under Mr. Hassett’s leadership, the company captured more than a 90% share in the market segment in three years.

From 2006 to 2010, he served as President of LEMO USA, a division of a Swiss-based electronics connector company. He turned the company around with a five year plan that doubled revenues and grew the bottom line more than twentyfold. The company became the premier supplier to the medical device and robotics markets as well as grew its cable assembly business revenues by 800%.

Mr. Hassett has co-developed and, subsequently, been awarded several patents which relate to applications for thermal dispersion technology and the electric load assist.

Mark Hodowanec

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

A relentless innovator, Mr. Hodowanec has numerous patents and mentions in 30 publications to his credit. He’s been involved with products from conception to completion: enhancing the technology to deliver a competitive edge, streamlining the engineering to maximize reliability and refining the manufacturing process to ensure cost effectiveness. He’s even created global outsourcing strategies to reduce manufacturing costs.

Mr. Hodowanec earned a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

He began his career as a mechanical engineer for Reliance Electric where he was responsible for new motor designs.

In 1994, Mr. Hodowanec moved to Siemens Energy & Automation where he worked as a master of engineering for ten years. During that time, he developed and enhanced oil and gas pump motors as well as updated and packaged the entire NEMA electric motor line.

As director of operations at WaveCrest Laboratories, he guided a number of electric propulsion systems from research and development to production.

Demand for his services convinced Mr. Hodowanec to open an engineering consulting firm in 2004 that offered design, analysis, manufacturability assessment and troubleshooting services on electric motors and rotating equipment.

In 2006, he became program manager and lead engineer for Curtiss-Wright. There, he led the development program for an arresting gear motor/generator that resulted in a $23 million contract.

Mr. Hodowanec has co-developed and, subsequently, been awarded several patents which relate to applications for thermal dispersion technology and the electric load assist.

Quentin Ponder

Chief Financial Officer & Vice Chairman

Mr. Ponder’s education and work experience enhance a development company set to commercialize its thermal dispersion intellectual property portfolio in the electric motor and generator industry.

He was awarded a Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa and a PhD from Columbia University, all from their respective business schools.

Mr. Ponder co-founded Mid-American Electronics, Inc. There, he turned a patent that he co-owned into a product for the pleasure boat industry, grew the company, then sold out to a major electronics manufacturer.

A senior position in the General Electric Motor Division soon followed. He became President of Franklin Electric, President of Baldor Electric, and, ultimately, acting President of Lincoln Electric as a result of a contract with his private consulting company, which he still owns.

Mr. Ponder’s entire career has focused on either electric motor companies or closely related products.

Judson Bibb

Vice President Secretary & Director

Following a stint with the BBC in London, Mr. Bibb embarked on a career as a multi-media producer and marketer for the past 33 years.

He has created, directed or produced over 350 commercials, music videos, documentaries, video news releases, travel videos, infomercials, industrial films, television shows and advertising campaigns.

He’s written articles for magazines and newspapers as well as copy for websites and press releases, created wireless audio content for Nextel subscribers and supervised research for a new video download technology.

His wide ranging background spans the arts, media, business and technology. As a consequence, he was able to draw from a variety of disciplines and transcend cultural, corporate and technological boundaries to meet the needs of his clients which included: beverage, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, retail, high technology and direct response marketers.

Mr. Bibb has also been integral to the start-up of two companies: a medical device manufacturer and a multi-media publisher which was sold to the company that merged with HPEV. As a result, he’s successfully dealt with the FCC, the FDA, the USPTO as well as the SEC.

Judson Bibb graduated cum laude from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications-Film.

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