Heat pipes quickly transfer heat away from a heat source at a rate several thousand times faster than copper. They’re passive (no moving parts, no external power) and maintenance-free. As a result, they’re far more reliable and less expensive than pumps or fans.

Although, heat pipes have been around since the 1880s, Cool Technologies’ heat pipes incorporate a number of firsts:

  • They aren’t dependent on gravity
  • They’re fully functional regardless of length
  • The heat generation end is separate from the cooling end
  • They can be shaped to fit any design or mold including engine blocks

Heat pipes enable motors and generators to run cooler. The cooler a motor runs, the more energy it generates, the longer it lasts and the less maintenance it requires. Any kind of motor or engine — electric, gas, diesel, boat or jet — can benefit.

In fact, Cool Tech heat pipes benefit anything that generates heat. That includes brakes, bearings, axles, turbo chargers and more.