Dry-pit submersible

pump motors

There are two basic types of industrial water pumps: submersible and dry-pit submersible.

Submersible pumps operate while submerged. They rely on immersion in the liquid they pump to cool the motor. Without it, the motor will burn up.

A dry-pit submersible is a submersible pump modified to run in an environment that may be either wet or dry. One modification consists of adding a water jacket around the motor and diverting a portion of the liquid pumped into jacket. Closed loop cooling, on the other hand, is self-contained. The cooling fluid remains in the jacket. A few pumps are air-cooled, but they deliver less power from a much larger package.

Every modification increases cost and complexity. If a water jacket is required, an additional pump is needed to circulate the liquid inside. Sewage pumps also need devices to eliminate clogs. First performed in the 1920’s, these modifications have remained essentially unchanged for 90 years.

Third party tests have shown that our technology will not only eliminate the need for modifications, it will increase motor efficiency by at least 2 points and enable the generation of far more horsepower than motors of the same size and weight for less cost. And all without forcing manufacturers to re-tool their production lines.

The global waste water industry is a $10 billion global market which encompasses far more than municipal utilities, but also mining, dredging, oil drilling and more.