Cool Technologies’ Mobile Generation (MG) system transforms any existing or new Class 3-8 truck into a mobile generator.

Our patent-pending gearing system uses the truck’s internal combustion engine to power an on-board generator that delivers up to 300 kVA of electric power. The work vehicle powers compressors, welders and other equipment or even bucket truck arms. In the event of an outage or disaster, it provides emergency power wherever it’s needed to keep operations running and perishables cold.

Cool Technologies’ Mobile Generation (MG) system replaces tow-behind and skid-mounted generators. An 80 kVA MG provides approximately 5,000 pounds of weight savings compared to a tow-behind generator with similar output. Plus, elimination of the tow-behind improves gas mileage up to 50% and enables the truck to tow other equipment to a work site.

Pound for pound, cubic inch for cubic inch, no other alternator packs more power. The secret: Cool Tech’s thermal technology.

The MG system delivers the latest technology in generators with capabilities equal to and better than tow-behinds and skid-mounts. The generator panel offers all the features of a tow-behind. However, the MG has a superior user interface that provides touch screen as well as open architecture to operate from an app on a smart pad or smart phone. Telematics, fleet management, vehicle tracking and geo fencing, scheduling, remote diagnostics, fuel monitoring and maintenance as well as automated refill and maintenance notifications all come standard.

The system is highly adaptable. It works with any type of vehicle or engine. It doesn’t affect truck warranties nor require government approval or certification. And it can be uninstalled and reinstalled into a new truck, once the original vehicle reaches the end of its useful life.