An independent test demonstrated that Cool Technologies increased motor efficiency by 1 to 2 points and improved power density by 20 – 40%. That’s 20 – 40% more output torque when compared to a motor of the same size package and design.


Our thermal dispersion technology transfers heat via heat pipes with unique capabilities. The heat pipes move heat in ANY direction (even against gravity) and require little or no maintenance. The cooler a motor runs, the greater its potential output.

Add heat pipes to almost any electric motor, generator or alternator and the result is a smaller, more efficient, higher output machine that runs cooler with a longer operating lifespan and lower maintenance costs that benefit manufacturers and end-users.

Consider the dry pit submersible water pump… Cool Technologies delivers liquid-cooled, explosion proof results in a totally-enclosed package for continuous operation and unmatched power density. Plus, no water jacket, no over-framing, no effluent or closed-loop cooling, no additional pump, and no filters to remove contaminants.