Monthly Archives: November 2016

28 Nov, 2016

Patent Update

We received a notice of allowance on November 14th, regarding our international patent application for heat pipe cooled wet rotating disc engagement systems, more commonly known as wet clutches or wet disc brakes. The potential applications are immense because virtually every heavy duty vehicle, virtually every piece of heavy machinery that’s powered by an engine [...]

14 Nov, 2016

Cool Technologies’ Mobile Power Generation Work Truck Nears Completion

First Customer Demonstrations Being Readied (Tampa, FL, November 14, 2016) Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM), an innovator in mobile power generation, energy efficiency, and heat removal technologies, will demo its Mobile Generation (MG) technology by the end of the month then unveil a fully retrofitted work truck shortly thereafter. Final wiring and testing of the [...]

14 Nov, 2016

Trump to Ramp Up Infrastructure and Military Spending

During the presidential election, Donald Trump promised to spend $550 billion to almost a trillion on infrastructure to build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, sea ports, and airports. Trump’s ambitious infrastructure agenda was a consistent theme of his campaign. His signature proposal—the wall along the Mexican border—is, of course, an infrastructure project. [...]

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