We have decided to post this blog to better inform the investment community, shareholders and potential customers about what is going on at the company, how our products fit into the marketplace and elaborate on the timing of product to market.

We are commercializing our technology with our key design and manufacturing partners in three different markets.

Today, I will focus on what we call Mobile Generation. The Generator Market Size: $26.5B (Source: US Government MAP report, 2014).

We will bring to market with our partners, the ultimate alternative to tow-behind generators.

How will we do it? By integrating the generator into the chassis of your truck. With our
patented thermal technology combined with our patent-pending gearing system, we do not need expensive heat exchangers or liquid cooling. We do not need a separate engine to drive the generator. The onboard engine and your current fuel source is all that’s needed.

It doesn’t matter what your fuel source is. We are fuel agnostic, so LNG, CNG, fuel cell, micro turbine, solar or battery work. Our technology can be adapted to all!

Because, we put out the same amount of power as a tow-behind, you don’t have to tow a generator to your destination. Our generator fits underneath the bed between the frame rails, so you still have almost a full truck bed to work from. And the entire system weighs much less than a tow behind (SAY IT WITH ME, I USE LESS FUEL BECAUSE MY PAYLOAD IS LESS!!).

We know this is a viable, cost effective alternative to tow-behind generators because:

  • it weighs almost 1/4 the weight of a tow behind generator.
  • the generator fits under your truck.
  • the system is fully integrated into the chassis.
  • it features a full function generator panel – just like a tow behind.
  • it outputs 3 phase or single phase power.
  • the initial purchase price is lower than a tow behind generator.
  • and one engine – not two – drives the truck and the generator.

For the options: see the brochures below: MG30, MG55, MG80 and Power to Go which incorporates the fastest available chargers available in the marketplace — the same ones located at buildings, parking lots, etc. (HELLO, TESLA and fellow EV’s and UEV’s, WE CAN SOLVE YOUR CHARGING DILEMMAS).

So, anywhere you want to bring power …. As long as a truck can get there, you will have it!!

What we will be doing with this blog is giving periodic updates on each of these sectors, in addition to information and comparisons between our technology platforms and what is available in the marketplace. We believe that our technology is extremely disruptive.

Please look at the videos at the bottom of our homepage. You will hear from experts (all of whom are now part of our Board of Directors and/or Advisors) regarding the Markets and Applications we are introducing our technology into. We are proud to have such accomplished business leader involved in our company.

I also want to give you an update on our settlement with Spirit Bear Limited.

TAKE NOTE: THE LITIGATION IS OVER and we are economically aligned. I can tell you Spirit Bear wants to see Cool Technologies become the success that we have set forth in our operating plans for 2016 and beyond. They are very supportive.

Also, some of you have commented on the Internet about the Peak Finance lawsuit. Well, last month, at the end of November, the judge denied their motion to intervene in the settlement with Spirit Bear!

It’s been a tough year and we have overcome a lot of hurdles, but make no mistake, we are still running toward the goal line. Many of you wonder whether we’re going to make it!

Understand, we have no secured debt and have kept our overhead very, very low! We are going to do all we can to ensure the success of our company and deliver for our shareholders. We have taken a few good punches, but like a good boxing champion, we get up and move forward.

Have comments or questions?  Send an e-mail feedback@cooltechnologiesinc.com. I’ll answer or address them in future posts. Talk to you all soon!

Tim Hassett, Chairman & CEO
BS Physics
BSMET Mechanical Engineering

PS: To my fellow nerds, this is NERDVANA technology!