Hello all.

We committed to keeping you updated on the progress of our company’s introduction of the MG system technology. With our partner, Inverom, we’ve set a very detailed schedule to deliver a completed vehicle by year-end. This vehicle will be used to demonstrate its ability to output single and three phase power for one quarter the weight of a tow-behind for less cost and with fewer emissions to key OEM’s, fleet users and up-fitters. And allow the company to execute orders and sales.

The MG will be powered off a Ford F-350 dually. The custom 42.3 generator is built by Emerson to our specifications. It will provide a range from MG 10 (10 kVA) up to MG 80 (80 kVA). The output will be the same as tow behind generators, both single phase and 3 phase power. The ratings: 10 kVA, 20 kVA, 25 kVA, 30 kVA, 40 kVA, 50 kVA, and 80 kVA.

We started the project on August the 15th. We plan to demo the technology right before the Thanksgiving holiday and have the finished truck ready on or before Dec. 16th. After that, we’ll bring it to market in 2017.

The accompanying Gantt chart shows you some of the tasks and timing of what we have done and are currently doing.


You’ll notice something called “the bench” on the chart. The bench is used to fine tune all components, cooling, software and data output before we go live on the truck. That’s because it’s an exact replica of the frame of the F-350 Dually. The bench allows us to run, test and adjust, predict and prevent before we demo the vehicle. It’s also part of the full DFMEA analysis the company will perform on both on the bench and the truck.


We will keep you updated via this blog as well as in the press.

Best to you all,

Tim Hassett
Chairman & CEO