The MG System now has positive response and active interest from:

Global Conglomerates
Truck Manufacturers
Disaster relief providers
US Military

None of the companies that have seen the technology in action have rejected it. No one has said “no”.

Each has different needs and different applications … from mobile back-up power to electric vehicle charging to decreasing the power generation footprint and increasing the mobility of power generation in treacherous locations. Each application opens a doorway into a new industry and each has the potential to tap a new revenue stream.

Some want modifications, others additional information, others field testing, others want to add it to their schedule in the future.

And new prospects continue show up on the radar. Yesterday, Porsche, a division of VW, announced that by 2023, 50% of the vehicles they produce will be electric.

Take a look at the Mission E all electric vehicle which is set to enter production in 2019 ( Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, said they were planning for an annual production of 20,000 units for the new vehicle. Not bad for a company that produces just a little over 230,000 vehicles a year. Right behind that, Porsche plans to introduce an all-electric Macan. Blume added that the company is preparing to produce as many as 60,000 of the new vehicles each year from one plant Cooltech’s MG150 and MG200 will be a great fit for such vehicles. Both Level II and Level III charging can be delivered.

The newest application being proposed is for refrigerated trucks or ‘reefers’. These trucks maintain specific climates for temperature-sensitive or perishable loads, primarily frozen foods.

This is an industry that could grow in a different direction if home delivery of groceries catches on in the US. Internationally, expanding urbanization, the rise of a middle class and a growing preference for frozen foods are also expected to have a significant impact. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. ( projects the global market for Road Transport Refrigeration Equipment will reach $10.2 billion by 2022, The greatest growth is expected to come from the Asia-Pacific region with a CAGR of 7.8%.

CoolTech has filed the paperwork for a new patent that will allow the MG to address the unique needs of the refrigerated transport industry. The new technology enables generators to deliver power in ways never achieved by mobile applications.

In the meantime, we continue to move forward. Specs are being finalized, new trucks arranged for and upfitted, and we’re also working to fulfill the first order from Craftsmen.