Mysterious and interesting ehh?

Occasionally we’re not able to publicize the promotional work we do. In that regard, we thought we share a recent press release that never made the wires:

Cool Technologies’ mobile power generation (MG) work truck will appear in a parade on May 4th as a support vehicle for one of the sponsors, Thomas Coffee. The parade precedes a famous horse race, however, as Cool Technologies is not a sponsor, we are prohibited from mentioning the trademarked name of the race, the equally famous nickname, the parade or even the location.

To repeat, as the company is not a sponsor and the event’s official law firm is very well paid to seek out and sue violators, we can only state that Cool Technologies is the unofficial mobile power generation system of an anonymous horse race named after the 15th state to join the union.

Know this: the type of horse race honors the Earl of Derby and involves a run for red flowers that by any other name would smell as sweet. As for the location, people will be sipping corn whiskey straight up or else drinking it mixed with water, powdered sugar and mint. More than likely, they will also be listening to music named after a plant associated with a color such as such as sky or robin’s egg — definitely not Carolina.

Finally, while the vehicle’s job is to charge the electric car the representatives of Thomas Coffee will be riding in, the 80 kVA work truck is also fully capable of powering the festivities in the infield, the concerts, parties, pageants and fashion shows; the associated festivals, fairs and tournaments or even the un-named race track itself. To say anymore would require the fortitude of Churchill to fight a legal battle with many ups and downs.