(Wesley Chapel, FL: April 5, 2012) HPEV, Inc. (OTCQB:BIBB) has been awarded another patent with broad ranging applications that could ripple through a number of industries. The company’s latest Notice of Allowance covers the application of its patented, totally-enclosed heat pipe technology in bearings and related products.

Bearings are found in all rotating machinery from motor vehicle wheels to fans, pumps and compressors. Management believes the patent will dramatically reduce the cost of cooling these bearings and, consequently, reduce the cost of the machines as well as increase their effective lifespan.

When motors or generators reach sizes of 1,000 horsepower and higher, their bearings generate massive amounts of heat which can decrease the reliability of the motor and shorten its lifespan. HPEV’s technology will reduce operating temperatures from 20% to 50%, depending on the bearing type.

Removing heat from existing products is expensive. A 10,000 horsepower motor, that is liquid cooled, requires an auxiliary motor and pump to continuously force lubricating and cooling fluid through the bearings to prevent them from overheating. HPEV’s technology, on the other hand, is passive and maintenance-free. The technology will eliminate the need for an auxiliary motor and pump and simplify the operation of the machine.

The global market for motors and generators capable of generating thousands of horsepower is approximately $15 billion annually. Management expects from 5 to 15% savings on the total cost of goods.

“The motor/generator market is just one of a number of markets in which we anticipate licensing the patent,” said Tim Hassett, CEO of HPEV, Inc. “We fully expect this technology to penetrate the markets very quickly and, consequently, deliver higher margins for manufacturers and lower prices for a wide range of products.”

The new patent is the second to be assigned to HPEV in the past two months and increases the company’s intellectual property portfolio to 13 patents or patents-pending with two others remaining to be assigned. The notice of allowance means the company will be awarded the patent rights when it pays the necessary fees.

About HPEV, Inc.
HPEV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Z3 Enterprises, Inc. HPEV technologies enable companies across a broad spectrum of industries that utilize motors and generators to better remove heat from their products. HPEV’s composite heat pipe technology quickly transfers thermal energy in any direction, even against the pull of gravity.

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