The First Public Release of HPEV’s MG technology

(Tampa, FL, March 18, 2015) HPEV, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM), an innovator in energy efficiency and thermal dispersion technologies, introduced its Mobile Generation technology at The Work Truck Show 2015, which was held March 4–6 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Work Truck Show, one of the 100 largest trade shows in the U.S., attracted a record crowd of more than 11,000 truck fleet managers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, equipment buyers and maintenance personnel from all 50 states and 23 countries. Many of them stopped by HPEV’s booth and left with detailed information regarding the 30, 55 and 80 kilovolt-amps (kVA) Mobile Generation Systems (MG).

The company is accepting orders for the systems now and will begin shipping them in the second half of 2015. Later this year, the company will introduce a 200 kVA system on a Dodge RAM 5500 truck.

The MG is a breakthrough in energy efficiency technology that uses a truck’s engine to generate power for welders, bucket truck arms, homes left powerless after a storm or simply replacement of an existing tow behind generator. Utilities, construction companies and disaster response teams from organizations such as FEMA, the Red Cross or Homeland Security could benefit.

The MG generator is built into the truck. Whatever powers the truck, powers the generator, even if the truck runs on CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG (liquid natural gas) or fuel cells. A separate no-idle option eliminates the need to run the engine all together and enables work crews to generate power in communities with no idling regulations.

“With so many possible applications and benefits from our MG system, it was key talking with people to help them understand how MG addresses their needs. For some, it was a simple matter of reducing costs, for others, increasing reliability, and still others, meeting new EPA regulations,” said Mark Hodowanec, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for HPEV. “Whatever the case, we received a lot of interest and positive feedback from municipal maintenance departments and utility fleets to multi-national truck manufacturers.”

Much of the interest was generated by the unique benefits the MG system offers. It outputs the same power as legacy tow-behind generators at far less than half their weight. A comparison between a Doosan G70 tow behind and HPEV’s 80 kVA system reveals that the G70 trailer mount weighs 6,280 pounds whereas the MG 80 mount, with the same power output, weighs just 1,076 pounds. Tow the Doosan or an equivalent generator from one of its competitors such as Caterpillar, Deere or Kohler behind a Ford 350 and the truck will reach capacity. That removes the capability to carry anything in the truck bed.

Because there’s no need to tow a heavy diesel generator, the MG improves truck fuel economy and eliminates the environmental concerns associated with tow-behinds. The Company has conducted fuel economy tests which compare towing a 6,280 pound Doosan G70 versus installed MG units. In cross country, over the road tests using Ford F-350s, testing indicated a fuel savings of a minimum of 8 miles per gallon.

Based upon the results of third party testing on a marine generator, the MG’s separation from the competition will increase as HPEV incorporates its patented thermal dispersion technology into the generators. The technology significantly increases their kVA output (power density) and will reduce their weight even more as fewer raw materials are needed to produce the same kVA rating.

Whether licensed to manufacturers or sold through the company’s retail arm, Ultimate Power Truck; HPEV management believes the MG has the potential to garner significant market share in the multi-billion dollar mobile generator market and even expand the market itself. Consequently, they’ve already purchased larger exhibit space for The Work Truck Show 2016.

About HPEV, Inc.
HPEV, Inc. is an intellectual property and product development company that employs a license and royalty model. The company has expertise in thermal dispersion technologies and their application to various product platforms. The Company is currently commercializing its patented thermal technology and has additional patents-pending for various OEM applications of its proprietary heat removal technologies. The markets that will be addressed by these technologies include myriad industries such as pumps, fans, compressors, batteries, motors, generators and bearings.

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