MG80 loaded with a screw compressor, hydraulic motor and radial vane blower

Our MG80 truck is loaded with:

A 25 horsepower screw compressor (125 PSI & 100 CFM)
A 10 horsepower hydraulic motor (3500 PSI & 13 GPM) driving a gear pump
And a 7.5 horsepower motor driving a radial vane blower (5,000 CFM)

Here are the complete series of three raw unedited videos, shot on a cell phone, showcasing a variety of applications for the MG80.

The amateur video was intended to showcase the fact that a Doosan G70 and an MG80 truck can power the same equipment to a target audience of customers with an active interest in the MG technology. The intent was well received despite the poor production quality.

Nonetheless, we must express our apologies. In the weeks to come, we will upload media with far higher professional standards for shareholders to help clear any resultant confusion.

In these unedited videos, the truck powers all the motors at the same time. The blower is under load. The log hydraulic pump is powering the log splitter and drawing a full load as it splits the logs. While the screw compressor is powering the 90 lb. jackhammer as it draws approximately 20 horsepower.

On a Mexican farm that could easily equal a water pump, a post hole digger and a thresher, all powered at the same time.

In Puerto Rico that could equal a water purification system outputting 7 gallons per minute of clean, potable water as well as power to 30 homes.