CoolTech joined Calstart, the non-profit, clean transportation technology coalition, in November 2018. The coalition works with member companies and agencies to nurture and promote the clean-transportation industry by accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies and helping to galvanize market growth.

It’s a good fit because clean technology is built into CoolTech’s DNA. Our cooling technology vastly increases the efficiency and lifespan of electric motors – many of which will be incorporated into the burgeoning electric vehicle market. The company will become even greener when we release a non-idle version of the MG that will run on both solar and battery power later this year.

Calstart helps fund and speed the commercialization of strategically important technologies. It works with member companies, agencies and fleets to manage prototype demonstrations or pilot stage field trials of advanced technology vehicles, components, renewable fuels, infrastructure and systems.

Among the coalition’s member benefits is connection to a broad network of over 185 businesses, innovators, researchers and officials, manufacturers, suppliers, fleets, technology firms, academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, power companies, fuel providers, banks and other businesses interested in a clean transportation future.

Since joining Calstart, the company has been in contact with 4 utilities, 3 telecoms, 2 truck upfitters and 3 hybrid truck manufacturers. Proposals have been made for 3 MG systems of differing power outputs to be installed on California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified vehicles, an MG No-idle system and an MG truck with a hydrogen-infused fuel system.