They ask for joint work to attend pollution in Tepetitla

By Araceli Corona

July 23, 2019

The Senator of the Republic, Joel Molina Ramírez and the Federal Deputy Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, gave an ultimatum to the federal and local governments to address the health problem that daily is ending with the families in the south of the entity, mainly in the community of Villa Alta, in the municipality of Tepetitla de Lardizábal.

The call was attended by senators, federal deputies, local and federal and local institutions involved in the rescue of hydraulic and natural resources of the entity, agreed that it is urgent to address the problem, which for more than 20 years governments have postponed and will be until September to achieve a joint work.

In the meeting that took place in the community of Villa Alta, where there is a high number of deaths due to the excessive pollution of the tributary of the Atoyac-Zahuapan River, Senator Joel Molina Ramírez, said that the situation has become “in a tragedy, because we have a silent and invisible murderer that causes daily deaths,” he lamented.

He even said that the health areas of the entity are already invaded because dialysis and hemodialysis are already practiced because of the severe contamination, the popular representatives were accompanied by the American company, Cool Technologies, which showed a mechanism through which it is possible to clean up the tributary

To the deputies in the local and federal Congress, where the budgets are generated “we have to put the finger so that the authorities where they are in charge of executing do not have the pretext that they cannot be met… we cannot at this point take rolls and take ourselves the photos to have another meeting later, you can’t do this is serious”.

Later, he bluntly explained that citizens are tired of the insensitivity and unwillingness of the representatives and although there are commissions to address the problem, he said they do not seek to invade or disrupt functions that correspond to them, “what we want is to help, tell us Comic and with what, to combine efforts and address the problem.”

The Federal Deputy of District III, Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, said that this is a public health problem “that we must address immediately for this reason, we seek the sum of efforts between institutions and citizens.”

He expressed total interest to be able to clean up this channel, since the signs of contamination are notable, and you cannot wait to attend to and resolve the condition of this channel that connects with the state of Puebla; “We are in time to help the sanitation of this body of water.”

On the other hand, the municipal president, Carlos Fernández Nieves and the community president of Villa Alta, said that work has been undertaken, however, alone they will not be able to reverse the problem of pollution that the municipality that receives downloads from the state of Puebla has, by the part of San Martín Textemelucan.

They were representatives of Conagua, federal and local, Profepa, Coeprist, ejido commissioners and councilors; although the great absence of some representative of the General Coordination of Ecology (CGE) was lamented.

Finally, in the route through several points of the Atoyac, the degree of contamination was verified; There, Tim Hassett, of the company, said that given the serious problem of downloads in the Atoyac, it is possible to reverse its high deterioration rate.

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