The Federal Legislators of Morena are called to the Governor to attend pollution of the Atoyac River

July 23, 2019

They hold a meeting with federal and state authorities, as well as an American company that plans to clean it up.

The Senator of the Republic, Joel Molina Ramírez and the Federal Deputy, Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, called on the Governor of the State, Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez, to urgently discuss the fight against the Atoyac River, which shows severe symptoms of contamination.

In addition, with the backing of the Federal Legislators of Morena, the American company, Cool Technologies showed a mechanism through which it is possible to clean up such a natural channel, located in the south of the Tlaxcalan entity.

In the community presidency of Villa Alta, belonging to the municipality of Tepetitla, the general director of said company, Tim Hassett said that it is crucial to address and curb this environmental problem, between the states of Tlaxcala and Puebla.

In turn, the Federal Deputy of District III, Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, pointed out that there is a total interest on their part, to clean up this channel, since the signs of contamination are notable, and therefore, “we seek the sum of efforts between institutions and citizenship ”.

He argued that no more time should be spent to address and resolve the condition of this channel that connects with the state of Puebla; “We are in time to help the sanitation of this body of water.”

Meanwhile, the Senator of the Republic, Joel Molina Ramírez, said that it is decisive to attend to what he considered a tragedy, because “we have a latent silent killer that is the discharges generated there; kidney problems are latent and it is urgent to address them. ”

In addition, he indicated that it is necessary that the state authorities, find out that Legislators from other states, came given the interest there is to address the case. “It is unfortunate that there is no representative of the General Coordination of Ecology (CGE), which shows their interest.”

Molina Ramírez, said that since the Congress of the Union, the Upper and Lower Chambers, should look in the analysis and approval of the Expenditure Budget of 2020, that there is more money to address this environmental problem.

He argued that Federal Legislators do not try to invade spheres at the state or municipal level, what “we want is to address the problem thoroughly, at least there are five highly polluting companies, and that their discharge processes should be regulated.”

The Legislator argued that it is better to prevent pollution problems, than to address severe health cases; Therefore, citizens are tired and “we must act before the problem is more severe … from here I say to Governor Marco Mena, not to go through September to fully address the case.”

This meeting and working tour were attended by the Federal Deputies María Chávez Pérez and Xóchitl Zagal Ramírez, as well as the Local Deputy, Miguel Ángel Covarrubias Cervantes.

In addition, representatives of various federal, state and local institutions.

Later, at the meeting they toured several points of the Atoyac, where they found the degree of contamination; There, Tim Hassett said that given the serious problem of discharges in the Atoyac, it is possible to reverse its high level of deterioration.

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