Federal deputies and Morena senator agree actions to reduce pollution to the Atoyac river

July 23 – 2019

By José Luis Ahuactzin

To reduce pollution in the Atoyac River and surrounding areas of the community of Villa Alta, in the municipality of Tepetitla de Lardizabal, federal deputies Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, María Chávez Pérez and Xóchitl Zagal Ramírez, as well as Senator Joel Molina Ramírez, agreed actions to take preventive measures.

After holding a meeting in the community of Villa Alta, the legislators, with the community president and the mayor, Óscar Peña Martínez and Carlos Fernández Nieves, respectively, specified that samples of the tributary will be taken immediately to determine their composition in a chemical way, to take relevant measures at national level.

Therefore, the director of the United States company, Cool Technologies, Tim Hassett, will be the one who in the next few days will present the results of the sampling of water from the Atoyac River.

Previously, at the meeting they explained that it is about taking urgent measures because diseases are progressing, such as cancer or kidney diseases among the population, mainly due to the discharges of waste from the denim companies that do so during the night hours.

Given the knowledge of the actions illegally, it was also agreed that the agencies such as Semarnat, Conagua, Profepa and Coeprist will intervene, so that together they establish actions that stop pollution.
The meeting was also attended by local deputies Miguel Ángel Covarrubias Cervantes who belongs to the constituency, and Deputy of the PVEM, Maribel León Cruz, who will join the actions to reduce the contamination of the Atoyac.

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