Edil de Tepetitla meets with state and federal authorities to address the problem of river pollution

By Victor Antonio Rodriguez

July 24, 2019

By David Perez Toriz

The municipal president of Tepetitla, Carlos Fernandez Nieves, Joel Molina Ramirez senator of the republic, Claudia Perez Rodriguez Federal Deputy, Oscar Pena Martinez president of the Villalta community, CONAGUA staff, Tim Hassett director of the American company, Cool Technologies, Miguel Angel Covarrubias Cervantes local deputy and citizens met in the community presidency of Villalta to raise the problem of pollution of the Atoyac River, as well as a possible solution the legislators made the call to the governor of the State of Tlaxcala, Marco Antonio Mena Rodriguez, to talk as soon as possible to take action.

In the meeting held, each of the authorities gave an alternative, agreeing that something has to be done in the face of pollution in the waters of the canals, Atoyac River, air pollution, effects on agricultural production, marketing of legumes, and, above all, the health of the population as a result of the contamination of drainage and water discharges contaminated by industry.

At the same time, federal lawmakers in Morena decided to take action to reduce water and air pollution. The US company, Cool Technologies is interested in cleaning up the water channel.

The Federal Deputy of District III, Claudia Perez Rodriguez said that there is interest in cleaning up the channel, since the signs of contamination are notable, and therefore, “we seek the sum of efforts between institutions and citizens.”

Joel Molina Ramirez stressed that what he considered a tragedy must be taken care of, because “we have a latent silent killer that is the downloads that are generated there; kidney problems are latent and it is urgent to address them.” At the same time, since the Congress of the Union, the Upper and Lower Chambers, should look for in the analysis and approval of the Expenditure Budget of 2020, that there is more money to address this environmental problem.

Oscar Pena Martinez, president of the community of Villalta, explained the problem in the pollution of the river and canals that crosses the urban area of the community he represents, requested that it be really taken into account and a solution is made, then more than 10 meetings are held. In search of a solution.

Finally, Carlos Fernandez Nieves stressed that it is necessary and important to stop the pollution that is lived daily in the community of Villalta, on the part of the municipality, the construction of a wastewater treatment plant is carried out with which it is considered to reduce pollution in a regional way.

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