Possible to purify contaminated water from the Atoyac River

JULY 24, 2019


US company Cool Technologies said yesterday to federal and local authorities that the contamination of the channel can be reversed.

Because for more than 20 years the federal and state governments have neglected the problem of pollution that persists in the Atoyac River, authorities urged to address the health problem that is ending the lives of families mainly in the community of Villa Alta belonging to the municipality of Tepetitla de Lardizábal and the southern area of Tlaxcala.

At a meeting attended yesterday by senators, federal, local, federal and state deputies, involved in the issue of rescue of natural and hydraulic resources of Tlaxcala, the US company Cool Technologies said that the contamination of the riverbed can be reversed with a million dollar investment and the implementation of public policies.

In the community of Villa Alta, where there have been the greatest deaths of people and children, due to the high pollution presented by the tributary of the Atoyac-Zahuapan River, which has been classified as “a silent and invisible murderer that causes daily deaths ”

In the area of discharge of water that pollutes the water of the tributary, Tim Hassett of the company Cool Technologies of the United States, assured that the proposed project guarantees to purify the contaminated water.

“The problem can be solved so that the water that is being purified can be irrigated (to the crops)” and even be consumed by the inhabitants.
Hence, at the meeting, federal and local deputies were asked to take the pollution problem seriously, since the inhabitants settled on the banks of the river are the most affected in their health because daily pollution causes them to death.

And it is that in the Tlaxcalan entity the contamination has intensified health complications because the number of people who require dialysis and hemodialysis is greater.

Therefore, federal and state deputies were urged to allocate a millionaire resource at the time of the analysis and approval of the Tlaxcala budget for the year 2020.

In this regard, the American company Cool Technologies guaranteed that the problem can be solved quickly, so much so that contaminated water can be converted into drinking water for contaminant-free consumption.

During the presentation of the project, Conagua, federal and local, Profepa, Coeprist, curators and councilors attended, although some representative of the General Coordination of Ecology (CGE) was not called.

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