They ask for an immediate solution to pollution in Villa Alta, Tepetitla



Gabriela Martinez

Maire PISCIL / Tepetitla / Federal and local legislators, as well as municipal authorities, asked the governments of Tlaxcala and Andrés Manuel López Obrador to work in a coordinated manner to address the problem of pollution of the Atoyac river as soon as possible, which has taken lives in the community of Villa Alta, municipality of Tepetitla.

At a meeting held in the community presidency, where the senator of the republic, Joel Molina Ramírez, and the federal deputy, Claudia Pérez Rodríguez, representatives of state and federal agencies, as well as local legislators, Miguel Ángel Covarrubias Cervantes and Maribel, attended León Cruz, who agreed that it is better to invest resources to contain the problem of disease care, which have claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Molina Ramírez described the situation as “serious”, so she asked her counterparts in Tlaxcala to “put her finger” and show “sensitivity” to budget resources necessary for the implementation of projects that allow addressing the problem.

“Not that we want to invade or play functions that correspond to any federal or state agency, what we want to tell the local deputies and in the Senate is how we can help them so that we can address the problem … If we are not going to continue another year throwing rolls and taking the picture ”, while requesting the state governor, Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez, an urgent meeting before September to discuss this matter in detail.

For his part, the mayor of Tepetitla, Carlos Fernández Nieves, thanked the interest of legislators to address the problem facing the community, which “can not go around and around.”

He said that his administration has done its part to sanitize the waters, but it is necessary that federal authorities review the companies installed in San Martín Texmelucan and that they pour their waters to the cause without any treatment and “we want letters to be taken on the matter”.

He proposed to pipe the drainage channels to avoid contamination by volatile agents as an immediate action.

In turn, the president of the community, Oscar Peña Ramírez, demanded to take this matter seriously, otherwise the citizens will be taken to take actions that could end in a tragedy.

“It is necessary that they wonder how much a life costs, it is a reality, there are 30 million, but the issue of health is a priority and they have forced us to take actions that may not be adequate but it is to take care of their life,” he said.

They recalled that the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) in 2017 issued a recommendation to the municipalities of Tepetitla, Nativitas, Nopalucan and Ixtacuixtla for pollution levels.
The meeting was attended by representatives of Conagua, Profepa, Coeprist, ejidatarios and the municipality of Ixtacuixtla.

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