Media Coverage

13 Jun, 2018 6-13-18

Rosario Salas Beall’s (an attendee) article on CoolTech’s demonstration of the MG System in Fort Collins, Colorado.

17 May, 2018

Uptick Network Stock Day Podcast 5-17-18

Tim Hassett provides feedback on the May 4th demonstration for Mexican representatives in Fort Collins, Colorado including expected orders that should be generated.

23 Apr, 2018

CEO Live 4-23-18

Tim Hassett details the benefits and unique sales proposition of the company’s Mobile Generation system, its current electrical power outputs in the sales pipeline, its future ones and their respective applications.

20 Feb, 2018

CEOCFO Magazine 2-20-18

Tim Hassett details his professional background, the revolutionary impact and applications of the company’s thermal technology for electric motors, and how Panasonic and CoolTech developed a business relationship.

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