24 Apr, 2017

The 10-Q/A Filed This Morning

In light of the 10-Q/A that was filed today restating the 10-Q for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, a look back at our most recent 10-K is called for. In Management’s Discussion and Analysis under Recent Developments we noted the following: We determined that as of September 30, 2016, we did not have sufficient authorized [...]

9 Mar, 2017

Company Updates – March 2017

Update 1: Patents We recently announced that we are receiving our Radial Vent Heat Pipe patent. This is very different from when we announced our notice of allowance earlier. Why? The PCT patent applications for the US and Mexico were awarded first time out, without exception. Which is rare. Normally there’s a lot of back [...]

3 Mar, 2017

Cool Tech and Craftsmen – Synergy and Immense Potential

Our press release notes: “Cool Technologies signed an agreement with Craftsmen Industries, a market leader in the design, engineering and production of marketing vehicles and industrial mobile solutions.” “This agreement is mutually beneficial, leveraging the robust synergies between the two companies.” First … what do we mean by ‘synergy’ -- when two companies collaborate for [...]

28 Feb, 2017

Why We’re Excited About Our New Radial Vent Patent

On February 24, 2017, we received a US patent for a radial vent heat pipe system as well as a notice of allowance for the global PTC patent for Latin America. Heat pipes have been around for over 100 years. The Radial Vent is an innovative new design that the company will tool and license [...]

8 Dec, 2016

The November 28th and 29th Demo of the MG

We are pleased to let our shareholders know that we achieved another milestone towards the launch of our MG30-MG80 products on November 28th and 29th. Two potential customers came to Chicago and met with our engineering teams from Cool Technologies and Innova as well as board members, including Chairman and CEO, Tim Hassett, and former [...]

28 Nov, 2016

Patent Update

We received a notice of allowance on November 14th, regarding our international patent application for heat pipe cooled wet rotating disc engagement systems, more commonly known as wet clutches or wet disc brakes. The potential applications are immense because virtually every heavy duty vehicle, virtually every piece of heavy machinery that’s powered by an engine [...]

14 Nov, 2016

Trump to Ramp Up Infrastructure and Military Spending

During the presidential election, Donald Trump promised to spend $550 billion to almost a trillion on infrastructure to build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, sea ports, and airports. Trump’s ambitious infrastructure agenda was a consistent theme of his campaign. His signature proposal—the wall along the Mexican border—is, of course, an infrastructure project. [...]

4 Oct, 2016

Timeline for Completion of Initial Work Truck

Hello all. We committed to keeping you updated on the progress of our company’s introduction of the MG system technology. With our partner, Inverom, we’ve set a very detailed schedule to deliver a completed vehicle by year-end. This vehicle will be used to demonstrate its ability to output single and three phase power for one [...]

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