17 Dec, 2015

Cool Technologies’ Dry Pit Submersible Motor

Hello All, Today, we announced our entry into the global water and wastewater markets with our first motor product using our patented thermal dispersion technology: COOL TECHNOLOGIES’ DRY PIT SUBMERSIBLE MOTOR. Way back in 1957, my father led a team of design engineers at Reliance Electric that designed the first Tandem Seal Submersible motors. Reliance [...]

8 Dec, 2015

Taking Pre-Orders for New Trucks with MGs Installed

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend. I worked with some of my team to take another big step in our Company’s progress. We are starting to take pre-orders for our Mobile Generation product! That is correct, with our partner, Breitin Capital (see the press release at:, we are enabling customers to place [...]

4 Dec, 2015

Company Update

Hello, We have decided to post this blog to better inform the investment community, shareholders and potential customers about what is going on at the company, how our products fit into the marketplace and elaborate on the timing of product to market. We are commercializing our technology with our key design and manufacturing partners in [...]